Maintenance Packages
Maintaining your computer includes any software related questions/issues, removal of any Viruses, PUPs, PUMs, Bloatware, etc., multiple AntiVirus scans are run. This includes all OS/driver/program updates, hard drive monitoring, and defrag/trim if applicable.

Onsite Labor Reduced to $60/Hour while on Maintenance

Maintenance Packages have NO CONTRACTs(Can be Requested) with Varying Hours of Remote Labor per month. $75 Activation Required for First Time Cleanup before Client is eligible for a Maintenance Plan(Can be waived if computer is clean).

Small Maintenance

1 Hour per Month

$15 Per Month


$150 Per Year

(2 Months Free)

Medium Maintenance

2 Hour per Month

$20 Per Month


$200 Per Year

(2 Months Free)

Large Maintenance

3 Hour per Month

$25 Per Month


$250 Per Year

(2 Months Free)

Want to get started on a Maintenance Plan? Please call and talk with a PCS Representative for more information on how to get started