A Bit About PCS

This is Morgan, Owner of PCS, and he has been interested and into computers ever since he was a teenager. Morgan grew up helping friends and relatives with computer issues, and studied Network Security at Heald College in Roseville, CA.


Morgan has many friends/clients that know him well in the Payson area, as he has been servicing this community for over 9 years now. Morgan considers himself to be a computer enthusiast and has built hundreds of custom computers. Morgan has expert knowledge of Windows Operating Systems, Mac OSXs, and many other pieces of common software that are currently being used in the market.


Morgan is able to repair just about anything hardware or software related with computers, and provide clients with new and used laptops/desktops including custom built desktop computers. Morgan provides a wide variety of parts and services including: modems, routers, backup solutions, data recovery, data transfer, tutoring, screen repair, cleanups, virus removal, operating system installation, and maintenance programs.


Morgan is very friendly, personal, and loves helping friends/clients with just about any of their technology needs. If you would like to know anything else about Morgan or have general questions please contact him at the below number.


Morgan Bates